Siebenthal: that's the guitarist and vocalist Peter von Siebenthal who composes, plays and sings his own songs. Back in 1991, Siebenthal won a major competition in the canton of Solothurn. Siebenthal took the stage as the last band of the night. The jury consisted of well-known established personalities from the Swiss music scene. "As the group Siebenthal entered the stage, it became obvious to anyone that the winner would be the band Siebenthal". (Solothurn newspaper, June 28, 1991). In summer 1991 the band went to the studio to record their first album that was released in late 1991.

USA: In 1993 the band packed up their bags and moved to Austin, Texas USA. For the next seven months the Solothurn rock trio Siebenthal played Austin. "We paid our dues there“, bandleader and guitarist Peter von Siebenthal said back at the home in early 1994. „We played 24 concerts; and we were on local TV with one song.“

"The American bands are selling very well," said Siebenthal, so the band put a a portfolio together, participated as often as possible to the numerous jam sessions and knocked personally on the doors of the clubs, always on the lookout for some opportunities to perform. Siebenthal returned to Switzerland in December 1993. In the following years various albums and singles were released.


  • “Siebenthal”, nine rock songs, released 1991
  • “Donkey Songs”, a co-production with Paul Odiase, nine rock songs, released 1995
  • “Seven Years”, ten rock songs, released 2009
  • “Here I Go”, eleven acoustic guitar songs, released 2015


  • “Bärner Bahnhof/Holy Man” (Single form the album “Seven Years”), 2009
  • “Every Year When We're Here” (Single form the album “Here I Go”), released Aug. 2015. This single airs regularly on Radio Swiss Pop.
  • “When You Cross My Way” (Single), released Aug. 2021. This single airs regularly on Radio Swiss Pop.
  • “Now's The Time” (Single), released Dec. 2022.
  • “It's A New Year” (Single), will be released 2023.